"Samezuka’s swimteam is great, no doubt about it, but the school soon realizes their other clubs are seriously lacking. To help this, the management decides to reinstate the old Princess Princess program— that is, having a group of ‘Princesses’ to cheer for and encourage the other boys in school. Because, you know, it’s an all boy’s school and having a ‘girl’ actively cheer them on might help? idk

Of the first years, Momotaro is picked first, being first year and still passably boyish enough to pass for a girl in a maid outfit. And, unfortunately for Aiichirou and despite him being second year, the management decides to make an exception and make him a Princess too anyway using the excuse that they’re just restarting and there’s no real other option viable at the moment….

I don’t really have any ships in mind for this but I would really love either Rintori or Soutori ♥ Just give me all the fun and embarrassment this situation would bring!”

"Kou getting her period and unable to leave her house, and her mom’s not in town either so she’s alone. She needs someone to get her some tampons/pads; enter all the others! Shenanigans ensue in which everyone goes to get her tampons/pads, fails miserably because they are dumb helpless babies :P, in the end either Rin or Sousuke or Chigusa comes to Kou’s rescue.

Bonus: Chigusa is the final knight in shining armor
Bonus 2: You literally include EVERYONE. If anon manages to somehow include Amakata-sensei and Sasabe-coach coherently, or even the Samezuka swimmers (coherently! It has to make sense!), that would be hilarious

Please avoid jokes about PMS-ing, or stuff like that. Happy fic, think happy fic!”


Anon would really, really like to see Makoto losing himself over built up frustration, and being a large teenage boy who is physically active like he is, some backlash happens.
Whether it’s verbally just smashing a close friend or ready to punch in a locker behind closed doors where he doesn’t have to let his friends see, or even just a hair away from actually punching someones face in, I just would love to see Makoto lashing out and after venting, feeling immediate regret.

Scenario and reasonings up to author! (Ships don’t have to be involved, but if you do want them, this anon is rather fond of MakoHaru and SouMako.)”

"This isn’t even romantic. I just want to see Kisumi going on a rampage, tricking people into saying his name and then loudly exclaiming "okay!" and kissing them full on the mouth.

Throw in as many characters as you can, Iwatobi and Samezuka (hell, even Miho and Goro are fair game). Doesn’t matter if he’s never met them, make them victims anyway.

- BP if Hayato tries to warn everyone because he’s been on the receiving end of enough sloppy forehead kisses to know what’s going to happen
- DBP if the Iwatobi and Samezuka boys forget past differences and gang up on Kisumi to get him to stop being an ass
- TBP if someone tries to do something similar with their own name but fails miserably
- QBP if someone tricks Kisumi into saying his own name and then kisses him on the mouth.”

"Makoto is struggling to pay for tuition and fees at college and decides to become a camboy doing sexual acts to get some extra money. His cam sessions become so popular that he ends having a bit of a fanbase and even gets sent gifts.

I would like the filler to not just mention Makoto being a camboy but to actually include in all the juicy details!!!

+ Rin somehow finds out about Makoto being a camboy and watches one of his sessions
+ Rin then Haru shady questions if he knows what Makoto has been doing
+ Eventually Rin spills the beans to Haru and Haru confronts Makoto about it and ends up asking him to masturbate in front of him

bonus: if makoto and haru have live sex on cam together hehe”

"I just really need Makoto sucking dick. I don’t care who’s dick it is, if they’re rough with him or if they just fall apart. Doesn’t matter to me.

Just, Makoto sucking dick and being /really/ good at it.”

"Makoto spends too much time training and taking care of his siblings and coaching the young kids at ISC and studying and being the captain everyone knows and love. It’s gradual, but eventually anyone can see it’s taken his toll on Makoto as he gets bags under his eyes, he’s not as enthusiastic anymore and he barely has any energy left for anything.

Cue Rin (Sousuke/Rei/Nagisa) feeling terrible for him and in dire need to help him with anything, really. Somehow, they convince Makoto to receive a well deserved massage. An actual massage, not just calling Makoto out to the locker room and laying him down on the bench. There’s planning when it will happen, there’s arranging the place for Makoto to arrive, preparing the futon with cushions and preparing nice relaxing music play lists and grabbing all the oil for the massage and all that stuff. I don’t want the massage to be just untying the knots on Makoto’s shoulders, it needs to be a whole new experience Makoto has never felt before. (Full prompt bellow)

"Makoto starts working at the Iwatobi SC Returns, and through the magic of fanfiction, Makoto becomes pregnant. He keeps working for as long as he can, and his students are very fascinated by his growing belly.

Fluffy cuteness please! And I wouldn’t mind impregnation sex either if you want to write porn.

I’d like the father to be Haru, Sasabe, Kisumi, Rin or Seiijurou.

Might include Makoto with both a dick and a vagina if you want.”

"Sousuke is secretly in love with Rin while Rin sees him as her best bro. Anon would looove to see Sousuke’s feathers ruffled about Rin being more touchy-feely with Haru than with him (because he has no idea which way Rin swings). He threatens Haru and gets caught in the act by Rin who now totally thinks of him as one of those guys who bully girls. Rin confronts Sousuke but Sousuke refuses to properly explain himself because he was too proud/flustered to bring himself to admit his feelings for Rin. Sousuke later meets Haru again and eventually apologizes. To his surprise Haru has figured out exactly what is going on and knows just how to fix the Rin situation…or so she thinks.
Weird request is weird but anon would really like to see Haru play the matchmaker role for once!”

"Do it for the Vine. What kind of Vine vids would the cast of Free! make? Seriously, I wanna know!

I mean, come on! That little FrFr! with the boys doing handstands had to be a Vine, right?

Would somebody would have to make a Vine of Haru’s lightning fast stripping skills? Has Kou made a Vine of perfect muscle shots?

Bonus and my left kidney for anything that involves Rin and the theme to Jaws!”