"There’s a cosplay AMV there of ‘How to be a heartbreaker’ by Marina and the Diamonds and anon, I want to see a fic where Gou actually does do that with the Free! boys (it’s to get members!)…

But instead they get a bajillion views and their very own fifteen minutes of fame…

What happens after is up to you! Maybe the Free! boys get a different set of scouts altogether *eyebrow waggle*

"I desperately need to see more of rin teaching people. rin teaching rei, or coaching nitori, or training his team, and him being unexpectedly good at it: he was the only person who could get rei to swim alternate strokes, right? literally any rin ship is fine we just need more of him teaching ;-;
i just
love rin so much”

"I just really need a bottoming Sousuke with someone giving it to him really good and Sousuke loving every second of it *3*

If that someone is not Rin, I would really love to have him involved in any way (even if he is only watching) if possible, so make that a huge bonus~ !”

"Makoto, Sousuke, decides doesn’t do anything for him. But, oh, his meatier basketball-playing cousin on the other hand…

(Kiyoshi spends his summer vacation in Iwatobi and takes up swimming to rehabilitate his injured knee. Sousuke and him meet….)”

"Makoto and Haru really haven’t changed from middle school, and it makes Kisumi want to tease them like he did back then. Aware of Makoto’s feelings for Haru since back then (perhaps Makoto confided in him at one point) he decides to help them get the ball rolling on a real relationship, since obviously that front hasn’t moved an inch. His decided method is to try to make Makoto jealous by pretending interest in Haru (since obviously the other way round didn’t work too well)

Except…Makoto is too ridiculously selfless and takes him completely seriously, doing his best to set Haru and Kisumi up despite his own feelings. Unable to come out and say that he was just teasing Makoto (cause he’d look like such an ass) Kisumi finds himself going on “dates” with Haru.

Dates that are spent very uncomfortably because Haru does nothing but glare at him and get pissed over all the time he’s spending with Makoto lately. (Full prompt bellow)

"Rin has rei put on lacy lingerie (stockings included pls) and doms the hell out of rei. orgasm denial, begging (maybe some humiliation in there yeah), biting, light bondage, sweet cuddles afterward maybe."

"So, fem!Haru decides that she’s gonna unwind before school in the bath, things go from there then queue Makoto coming to pick her up from school then accidental voyarism.

Bonus if there isn’t an established relationship before hand, just a lot of UST on Makoto’s behalf.

Extra bonus if Haru isn’t fantasizing about anyone, it’s just her focusing on her own pleasure and she’s loud.

Super bonus if Makoto walks in a few moments later and doesn’t act like anything is up (he didn’t hear anything; what are you talking about?) :)”

"Whenever I see this, I always want to see an AU where kid Rin goes to this school. It seems like an ordinary school at first, but one day he goes and the entire place is empty. He wonders if it’s some kind of holiday that he’s forgotten about, but when he tries to leave the doors are locked. So all he can do is wander the school…and then he comes across that picture in one of the empty classrooms. Of course he’s delighted, and thinks it’s beautiful, and he wonders why he never saw it before - until he gets closer and sees what it really is.

You can decide where it goes from there.”

"Nagisa gives Rei a lap dance.

Not, AU. This happens at some point in canon. He invites Rei to his place and gives him a lap dance.

Rei is super embarrassed but loves it.

Inspired by that Anaconda ReiGisa fanart”

"Based on the novel/tv series, The Leftovers, where 2% of the world’s population just disappears without a trace in a Rapture-like event. In light of the unexplainable Great Departure, those left behind must somehow continue on with their lives. OP wants Makoto to be one of the people who disappears. OP wants to watch how the boys, particularly his significant other, and his family cope with the "ambiguous loss" of such an integral person in their lives. Do they lose their minds, do they live in constant grief, or do they try to move on and/forget anything ever happened?

+OP is a multishipper (preferably HaruMako, RinMako, SouMako, SeiMako or KisuMako). Basically the green-eyed angel is my fandom bicycle.
+You don’t have to follow the canon of the Leftovers novel/show, I.e. OP prefers for them to still be swimmers
+If one of boys joins the Guilty Remnant after the Departure, that’d be awesome
+Flashbacks of pre-Departure life are encouraged, if A!A includes smut, OP is extremely partial to Bottom!Mako”