"So, Rin is typical new teacher at Iwatobi high school but instead Rin, Haru is the one who becomes lovestrucked. Cue awkwardness, maybe some angst until Rin agrees to date Haru and they try to hide their relationship from others as best as they can.

-Haru not telling about his feelings/relationship with Rin to his friends. Not even to Makoto
-Sex on the desk
-Some fluff”

"This is a stupid silly prompt but whatever I need fluff. maybe angsty fluff. possibly even so far as fluffy angst, but. the point is.

Post-episode eleven, Haru is somehow turned into a cat. He is luckily near enough home that he can hang out outside his house until Makoto comes home. Unfortunately, Makoto fails to notice the cat is Haru — though the cat definitely reminds him very strongly of Haru, and so simply talks to the cat for a while, spilling out all his hopes and fears — particularly those involving Haru not having understood he wasn’t trying to pressure him into swimming competitively…

Makoto doesn’t say so in so many words, but Haru is very very aware by the time he turns back into himself that Mako is in love with him, and has had enough time to realize he likes him back.”

"At some point in Australia, Haru’s defensive walls break down and he admits to Rin that he’s in love with Makoto and he’s scared it’s too late and he doesn’t want him to leave.

Rin is supportive, tries to give good advice, etc. Just cute Rin/Haru friendship ;u;

bonus (not necessary):
- rin thinks/says something about having feelings for sousuke
- haru cries a little
- makoto texting rin about haru”

"Alpha Sousuke does not like Haru, but he ends up fucking and soulbonding omega Makoto. Drama!

++++++++++++ for pregnant Makoto.
+++++++++++++++++++++++ for Rin trying to get all his friends to get along.”

"Rin and Haru are in Aussie for like a week right? So it can’t just all be swimming and scouting and srsbsns. I want to see a cute story where Rin takes Haru out on little "dates." Like, showing him his favorite hangouts back when he was there the first time, taking him out to eat at his favorite restaurants, showing him some Australian animals, swimming with the dolphins etc. Really, his goal is just to make Haru smile as much as possible and relax."

"Kou is pregnant and Rin is being extra protective of her. No incest please. The father can be anyone you want but I’d prefer it’d be one of the Mikoshiba brothers."

"During their Australia trip at some point.. Haru just can no longer hold it in and starts sobbing. At first he’s embarrassed about it because he never wanted ANYONE to see him cry… but then he realizes that this is Rin of all people, the person who cried on his face, and he feels better about it.

Bonus points if Rin hugs him and he actually hugs back.”

"Makoto has to deal with being a single and unbonded Omega in Tokyo. There are organizations to help them, of course, and help comes in the form of an older (or simply, available) Alpha who will lay temporary claim on them to ward off unwanted advances and forceful claiming.

In Makoto’s case, it could be someone he knows who decides to go to the same University (Kisumi?) or someone new entirely.

Ever since Makoto can remember, Haru was his Alpha. With the two of them following different paths (and maybe going to different Universities) this isn’t possible anymore. I’d love to see the two of them dealing with this change and Makoto doing things with Haru around! If you can, I’d love to see other Frees! classifying as omega or dealing with someone they know being a single omega… maybe even volunteering to be a guardian?

Bonus points if you make it AU and make it so Makoto and Haruka haven’t had the chance to reconcile after episode 11. Shipping is optional! But if you’re shipping, I’d really love MakoHaru…”

"Someone finds a pair of goggles innocently laying there and puts them on. But those weren’t just any goggles… those were SHIPPING GOGGLES! Now everything they see through the goggles looks like it’s part of a ridiculous romance, no matter how innocent the gesture.

It’s so weird seeing their friends, family members, even teachers through the shipping goggles… but they just can’t stop themselves from looking at things through the shipping goggles again, and again, and again.

Please someone write me this shippy trip!

(Would prefer if everything was gen or pre outside of the shipping goggles and every pairing imaginable through them)”