"Tachibana Makoto’s practically a saint, so kind and sweet that intentionally hurting him and/or taking advantage of him was worse than kicking a malnourished puppy out into a storm.

Which Any actually did. Repeatedly.

Naturally, Makoto tries not to let anyone know and tries to play it off as nothing. But it was so obvious, Makoto’s slowly getting depressed and withdrawn and one day just breaks in front of his team.

The swimming boys, particularly Haru, were furious. No one, absolutely no one hurts Makoto. Not if they don’t want their heads ripped off from their bodies.

Please don’t make the hurt something sexual, physical is fine, emotional is even better. I just want some vulnerable Makoto and the others looking after him and protecting him for once. Lots of hurt/comfort please, and teary-eyed Makoto because that’s my weakness.

Any pairings is fine, but MakoHaru is preferable. Lots of angst and comfort feels, please. (Full prompt bellow)

"Basically it. I just really need Makoto or Rin dominating the hell out of Haru, talking dirty and going painfully slow until he’s just begging for it.

and always remember: keep it consensual!”

"Momo got himself arrested for theft. Most people would be pretty upset, but Momo is surprisingly ok with his situation. Why? Because he gets to see "Officer Hottie" every day. And Rin? Rin’s been growing pretty fond of the kid himself, despite having been the one to arrest him."

"Um, so basically I want to see Sousuke like the kind of guy who would totally get off on Rin being dominant. Not necessarily penetrating him, more like dirty talking and shoving him around.

+Maybe Rin thinking it’s a bit weird at first but later indulging because it’s really fun??
+Bonus for Sousuke blowing Rin while he gets his hair pulled and moaning loudly because of it
+Double bonus for him coming in his pants because Rin is just too hot”

"So we know that Sera tried to get Rei to quit the swim club, right? And thankfully, we know that Rei said no to his offer. So… what if Sera tries to get Rei to comply through other means?

Ideally this will be a slow-burning kind of story, where at first Sera’s actions are very subtle, like constantly complimenting his running and asking if he’s improving his swimming at all. Then when Rei’s still firm, he begins to escalate, even going to far as to sabotage Rei’s swimming a bit. All the while, Rei’s trying to keep this to himself and not bother the team about it.

However, once Sera begins to physically harass Rei (most of the time with prurient intent, but sometimes not) and threaten to do the same to his teammates (Nagisa in particular) if he either tells anyone or refuses to join the track team, Rei gets so scared that he blurts out his secret to someone (you can pick which person he tells).

Naturally, the entire swim team eventually finds out, and they are furious. Cue the team confronting Sera for daring to hurt their butterfly.

Bonus for lots of Reigisa (and lots of Nagisa comforting Rei after Sera hurts him).

Even more bonus if the one who’s the most frightening in their confrontation with Sera isn’t someone you’d think.”

"I cannot believe this hasn’t been requested yet- the bottom BUNK isn’t the only "bottom" Rin enjoys, filler’s choice if they want this to be Sousuke abusing what he already knows or Haru overhearing him make a similar comment and taking it the wrong (totally right) way

+Bonus if Rin is ALWAYS the bottom”

"Oh hey I’m the anon from the other page who posted the Killer Whale Makoto/Sousuke prompt and it’s just occurred to me that poor Sousuke really could use some relief.


Sousuke has trained too hard one hot day and ends up fainting in the middle of the street. He wakes up in Haru’s house, surrounded by the Iwatobi guys and a frantic Rin. They all mother-hen him in their own ways and Sousuke is like ‘wut’ especially when Haru helps.

Bonus points!

- Haru explained the incident at the vending machine to Rin a while back, and Rin makes it clear to Sousuke that while he shouldn’t have spoken to Haru that way and should’ve gotten the whole story before jumping in, he really appreciates that Sousuke was still looking out for him all these years
- And Haru respects that Sousuke would care about Rin’s future so he’s not mad either
- Everyone is totes cool with Sousuke and they just wish they’d been able to meet and talk to him sooner and under better circumstances

Smut optional, but if included, preferably non-penetrative?”

"Yo there is not NEARLY enough genderbending in this fandom
asking pretty please for some great big gay rinharu where rin comes back from australia and oh no, she’s totally built, goddamn. then lesbians ensue

~bonus points~ for rin getting oral in the locker room shower
~bonus bonus points~ for MTF trans haru”

"lbr aside from maybe Ai, everyone wants a piece of Haru, that’s just fact.

So I want a huge orgy, I don’t care how it happens. You can include whoever you like

Bonus points for:
orgasm denial (cock ring?)
Haru still being pretty quiet and that being ok^^

do not want: non-con, Haru is loving this situation from start to finish^^”